Chicken Keeping Course

If you’re considering keeping chickens as ’pets with benefits’ (wonderful, fresh eggs and perfect manure for your garden) then come along to our introduction to chicken keeping course.

Keeping chickens is huge fun and extremely rewarding and once you own your first bird you will never stop.

I have owned and bred chickens for many years, starting off with 4 hens, 1 of which started crowing 2 weeks after purchase! So hopefully you will go into your chicken addiction with more knowledge than I did.

This afternoon course will cover:

  • Breeds of chicken
  • Choosing the right birds to suit your lifestyle and pocket
  • Transporting and handling
  • Housing and feeding
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Dealing with predators
  • Incubation, hatching and rearing

This course lasts approx 3 hours and includes afternoon tea.  All cakes are homemade using our own eggs of course!

The cost is £35 per person and a minimum of 3 people maximum of 6.

You will need to bring weather appropriate clothing and a sense of humour.